Rotary Screw Booster Air Compressors

Rotary Screw Booster Air Compressors by NCA

Screw Booster Compressors are an efficient category of booster compressors that offer significant advantages in comparison with Reciprocating Booster compressors in the medium pressure range.

National Compressed Air (NCA) is an industry leader and one of the few manufacturers in the world which has been designing and manufacturing Rotary Screw Booster Air Compressors for decades.

NCA’s Screw Booster Air Compressors (Patent Pending) are designed and engineered to achieve one prime goal: boost user productivity. They are the end product of a long-term development program involving years of work experience, testing and improvement.

The result of these combined efforts is an extremely reliable production booster compressor that has proven itself in mines throughout the world. By combining the advantages of screw compressor technology, and an innovative stepless control system, our boosters provide excellence in reliability, low maintenance, operator friendliness and efficiency.

When the primary compressor pressure is not enough for the application, Screw Booster Air Compressor’s typical applications include, but are not limited to:

Electric Screw Type Boosters as Underground Mine Booster Air Compressors

Many of the mine air supply systems in underground mines provide compressed air of 80-100 PSIG for service applications. Most drilling applications, on the other hand, require a higher pressure of 250-600 PSIG depending on the type and parameters of drilling. 

NCA Canada offers special packages of our patented Underground Mining Screw Booster Compressors, which are designed to increase the standard mine air pressures quietly and efficiently to 350 PSIG (maximum 600 PSIG with some models) and are used as a booster for drilling applications.

Using an electric driven, Screw Booster Air Compressor to increase the existing air pressure to the required amount is the most economic and feasible method to raise air pressure. Using an atmospheric compressor of higher pressure in underground mines would be quite challenging regarding higher power electric supply, compressor package size and consumption of the air inside the underground mine.

NCA offers several options and customizations on its Booster Compressors to suit its customer’s specific needs. If a booster air  compressor is required at a remote site,  NCA also offers a range of Heli-Portable Booster Air Compressors

For additional information please visit our models, features, options and advantages below. Contact our head office to speak with our sales representatives and experts about your requirements or request a quote.


Product Specifications

NCA ModelNCA 17-24 GSE-BNCA 24-24 GSE-BNCA 28-24 GSE-BNCA 37-24 GSE-BNCA 48-24 GSE-B
Volume (SCFM)6008501,0001,3001,650
Max Inlet Pressure (PSIG)100100100100100
Discharge Pressure (PSIG)350350350350350
Engine Power (HP)75100125150200
For complete specifications please download the NCA Rotary Screw Booster brochure from Downloads tab.
  • Newly developed rotor profile for maximum efficiency
  • Reduced inrush amperage motor starter
  • Rugged skid or trailer mounted design
  • Standard mine air raised quietly and efficiently to 600 PSIG
  • Flexible design to boost compressed air at various suction inlet pressures
  • Better hole direction (stable delivered pressure)
  • Low discharge temperature (176°F/80°C)
  • No out of balance forces
  • No belts to maintain
  • No PLC required (offered as optional)
  • Low maintenance
    • 80% less compared to reciprocating type boosters
    • No belt to maintain
    • No PLC required (Offered as Option)
  • No Cooling Water Required
  • Electric, underground approved diesel drive or hydraulic drive options
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Trailer Version
  • Sound attenuating enclosure
  • Electrical Options
  • Phase Protection
  • Circuit breaker and securing clips for relays
  • Ground fault protection
  • Auxiliary lighting and power
  • Audio visual alarms
  • PLC controle
  • Other options as required
  • Low Operation and Maintenance Cost
  • Compact Size
  • Operator Friendly
  • Environmentally Safe

Rotary Screw Booster Air Compressors