Chemical and Petrochemical

NCA Solutions for the Chemical and Petrochemical Sector

National Compressed Air (NCA) has been serving the Chemical and Petrochemical industry for decades.

Chemical and Petrochemical plant operations rely on a variety of compressors employed to efficiently pump different kinds of gases including air, nitrogen and natural gas.

Air and Nitrogen compressors and boosters are used in a variety of services in Chemical or Petrochemical plants. From pneumatic testing of equipment and piping, feeding process air/nitrogen into different systems, to supplying the plant air required in facilities.

NCA Canada supplies several types of air compressors and boosters with a wide range of volumes and pressures to match the specific needs of each application as well as membrane nitrogen generation packages to produce nitrogen cost-effectively on site.

NCA natural gas compressors and boosters are used in Chemical and Petrochemical plants to feed gas as raw material for different chemical production or as fuel gas compressors for gas engines, gas turbines or furnaces.

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