Power Generation

NCA Solutions in Power Generation

Gas turbine power plants, combined cycle power generation, and most cogeneration facilities rely on natural gas fuel as their source of energy to drive the gas turbines. The performance of gas turbines are highly dependent on the high pressure and steady supply of gas. 

Over time, pipeline gas pressures have decreased and become unstable due to increasing consumer demand while new high-performance gas turbines are designed to work with higher gas pressure ranges. Therefore, a fuel gas compression system is key for reliable and efficient power generation in many power plants where pipeline pressures are not adequate or stable.

NCA Canada manufactures high-quality Rotary Screw and Reciprocating Fuel Gas Compressors to provide a reliable pressurized stream of natural gas to gas turbines for power generation and offers peace of mind to facility owners with excellent after-sales product support.

NCA Natural Gas Compressors for Fuel Gas Compression

For smaller turbines, NCA Rotary Screw Compressors offer high efficiency and low maintenance solutions of up to 600 PSIG (41.3 BARG). For higher pressure applications and larger turbines, NCA Reciprocating Compressors offer a perfect fit. Various drive options, cooling and control methods as well as custom engineered structural configurations are offered as per the client’s requirements. Proper filtration equipment is provided to ensure contaminant-free fuel to power the turbines. Ready to use, fully packaged units are designed for hazardous area operation as per project requirements.

For more information about our compressor specifications and features please click on the products below. Contact our head office to speak with our sales representatives and experts about your requirements or request a quote.


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