Production Drilling and Well Services

NCA Solutions in Production Drilling and Well Services

To produce hydrocarbons in an oil and gas field numerous stages are involved, including drilling the production well, completion stages, workover and interventions, and enhanced well production recoveries.

Oil and gas service companies use different technologies and practices to perform those operations while trying to maximize their performance and reduce the costs involved.

Generally speaking, with the passage of time, drilling and production activities to reach the remaining hydrocarbon reserves are becoming more complex, expensive, and demand new enhanced operation methods to be cost-effective, including Underbalanced Drilling (UBD) and Coiled Tubing Drilling (CTD) operations.

Air and Nitrogen Injection in Production Drilling and Well Services

National Compressed Air (NCA) compressors have been used extensively in Air or Nitrogen injections in production well drillings in Air Drilling, Mist Drilling, Foam Drilling, and Aerated Fluid Drilling (Aerated Mud, or Underbalanced Drilling). 

These methods are used to increase the penetration rates or to control the influx of formation fluids, especially in horizontal wells. High-Pressure compressors are used to inject the gas into the wellbore or to mix them with the mud.

Coiled Tubing Rigs have been used for well drilling, stimulation, wellbore cleanout, etc., as they are capable of transmitting gases and chemicals into the well for different operations like Underbalanced Drilling and interventions.

NCA Canada air compressors are engaged in “High-Pressure Air Injection” and “In-Situ Combustion” methods which are used respectively for light and heavy oil enhanced recovery operations.

NCA Air and Nitrogen compressors and Nitrogen generators are used by multinational oil service companies.

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