Booster Compressors

NCA Offers The Most Versatile Range of Booster Air Compressors

National Compressed Air (NCA) is a world leader in designing and manufacturing of high-quality and energy efficient booster compressors for various applications. A versatile range with diverse cutting edge technologies offer a suitable booster compressor solution to the specific needs of every client.

NCA’s patent-pending oil lubricated rotary screw-type booster compressors, for medium-pressure application (up to 600 PSIG) offer numerous advantages over traditional reciprocating boosters in terms of efficiency, reliability, flexibility in operation, low vibrations, compact size, lower discharge temperatures and lower maintenance costs.

For higher pressures of up to 5,000 PSIG, our energy efficient and rugged reciprocating booster compressor designs with high quality packaging are second to none. 

We also offer heli-portable booster compressors used in remote areas operations where access is limited, special booster compressors for underground mining to increase the existing service air pressure for drilling applications, and custom designed booster compressors for any special application requested by our customers.

Rotary Screw Boosters

  • Volumes up to 3,000 SCFM
  • Suction Pressures up to 150 PSIG
  • Discharge Pressures up to 600 PSIG
  • Various Drive Options
    • Electric
    • Diesel
    • Hydraulic
  • Various Design Options
    • Helicopter Portable Configurations
    • Underground Mining Designs
    • Trailer Versions
    • Others available upon request

Reciprocating Boosters

  • Volumes up to 10,000 SCFM
  • Discharge Pressures up to 5,000 PSIG
  • Various Drive Options
    • Electric
    • Diesel
    • Hydraulic
  • Various Design Options

Helicopter Portable Booster Air Compressors

  • Volumes up to 700 SCFM
  • Discharge Pressures up to 350 PSIG
  • Various Drive Options
    • Diesel
    • Gasoline
    • Hydraulic
    • PTO
  • Compact Size & Lightweight
  • Superior Reliability, Minimized Downtime
  • Field Serviceable, Simple Maintenance
  • Energy Efficient, Higher Drilling Penetration Rates, Faster Project Completion

Applications of Booster Compressors

When the pressure from existing compressor(s) is not sufficient for the application, NCA Booster Compressors, for air, nitrogen, or any other gases offer a perfect solution. Our Air and Nitrogen Booster Compressors and other Gas Booster Compressors are commonly used in various high-pressure Oil and Gas, Mining and Quarrying, Construction, and Chemical and Petrochemical applications. Some of the common applications for NCA booster compressors include:
Booster Compressors in Action
NCA heli-portable booster compressor

Please review our Booster Compressors’ specifications, features, and advantages in the Rotary Screw Booster and Reciprocating Booster product pages. You can also contact our head office to speak with our sales representatives and experts about your custom requirements or to request a quote.

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