Production Drilling – Open Pit Mining

Compressed Air Requirement for Open Pit Mining

Open Cast Mines also called Open Pit Mines and Quarries are dependent on rock drilling for the production of metallic and non-metallic minerals and construction materials.

Depending on the size of mine and production volume, a hole pattern with specified diameters and depths shall be drilled and blasted to crush the rock. Smaller hole sizes (below 3.5”) and lower depths are normally drilled with Top-Hammer rigs, medium size holes (3.5” to 8”) are best suited for DTH (or ITH) Drilling and larger diameters are best drilled with rotary drill rigs.

The drilling productivity and cost is heavily tied to the compressed air system which provides the flushing for all three methods as well as hammer operation in DTH Drilling. 

National Compressed Air (NCA) manufactures different types of compressor systems for the optimum operation of drilling systems in Open Pit Mining based on its decades of experience with drilling contractors around the world.

Optimum upward air velocity in the annulus around the drill rods would ensure that the crushed cuttings could be moved out of the hole at their largest size, leading to a faster penetration rate and longer drill bit life. Also,  air pressure plays an important role in DTH Hammer operation and penetration rate, which determines the largest portion of total drilling cost in Open Pit Mining.

NCA Solutions for Open Cast Mining

NCA Canada offers a wide range of compressor and boosters for Open-Pit Mining Drillings, including mobile, stationary and PTO (Power Take Off) configurations.

NCA compressor ranges for Open Pit Drillings include low-pressure, single-stage screw compressors and medium-pressure two-stage screw compressors which cover a volume range of 100 to 3000 SCFM and pressures of 100 to 600 PSIG.

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