General Manufacturing

NCA Solutions for the General Manufacturing Sector

Almost all manufacturing factories rely on compressed air as a critical utility for their day-to-day activities.

NCA Ltd., a sister company of NCA Canada in London, southern Ontario, has been supplying screw and reciprocating industrial air compressor systems and accessories to manufacturing plants for decades.

Depending on the application and type of products produced, manufacturing plants need different air qualities, volumes and pressures.

Metal industries, automotive and transportation equipment sector, rubber and plastic production, pulp & paper industry, electric and electronic equipment manufacturing, food and beverage sector, apparel and textile production, industrial machinery manufacturing, and many more use plant air systems to power their main or auxiliary processes and equipment.

The number of applications for compressed air in manufacturing is countless.  It is used to power the pneumatic hoists and conveyors for material handling, pneumatic pistons and presses, and a variety of hand tools. The air may also be used for drying, blowing and cleaning, spraying, injection molding and forming purposes. Other applications include cooling, purging, agitation and mixing, bottling and packaging, as well as controls and running pneumatic actuators.

NCA Ltd. provides every product and service needed in a plant air system to operate efficiently and uninterruptedly in your manufacturing plant.

NCA Canada also offers membrane Nitrogen Generation systems to generate nitrogen on-site when needed in the production or packaging processes of a manufacturing plant.

Please check our links below to get more information on the applications we serve in the General Manufacturing sector or check NCA Ltd website for more information on Industrial Air Compressors.