Oil Free Compressors

Oilless Compressors by NCA

National Compressed Air (NCA) offers a wide range of custom engineered and innovative oil-less compressed air solutions that cater to customer’s individual application requirements.

Oilless screw compressors, also known as Oil-Free Compressors, are designed and manufactured in a way to work without the need for oil to lubricate, seal and cool their air-ends. 

This in fact leads to 100% oil-free compressed air exiting the compressor discharge nozzle to be used for sensitive applications, where oil contamination cannot be tolerated in any amount.

Using an oilless compressor eliminates the need for oil separation equipment which are commonly used in oil-flooded compressor packages and omits their failure risk.

Why Oilless?

Many applications such as process air for petrochemical plants, food and beverage industries and medical facilities etc. require high quality air where presence of any oil contaminants could be detrimental to the process, product quality or human health. NCA oil less air compressors offer contamination free air and the required peace of mind.

NCA Quality and Reliability

NCA Canada’s oilless air compressors provide top class performance, premium efficiency and quality. Our innovative package deigns offer outstanding reliability, low maintenance and operating costs and make our oil-free air compressors truly a sound investment for our clients.

Depending upon the discharge air pressure and volume flow rates required, we offer a range of two stage oil free stage rotary screw compressor or non lubricated reciprocating air compressor packages. Various drive options and build configurations are offered as per client’s individual application requirements.

Please review our Oil-Free Compressor Products below to learn more about the specifications, features, and advantages. Contact our head office to speak with our sales representatives and experts about your requirements or request a quote.

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