Marine Seismic Air Compressors

NCA Marine Seismic Compressors

NCA Canada is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of Marine Seismic Air Compressors used for powering air guns in Offshore Seismic Exploration programs.

Marine Seismic Air Compressors are a critical part of any offshore seismic survey. The compressors are capable of recharge the seismic air guns continuously and rapidly for a long time, during the seismic data acquisition.

Seismic compressors are installed on seismic ships, normally working in harsh environments, and should be designed to have the minimum possible weight and dimensions. Depending on the pressure and air volumes needed, a Reciprocating Atmospheric Compressor or a compound system of both Rotary Screw and Reciprocating Piston Compressors may be utilized. 

Offshore Seismic Compressors are designed to have high availability and low maintenance needs to enable a continuous and reliable seismic survey operation in the oceans.

Design Features of Offshore Seismic Compressors

NCA Seismic Air Compressors are designed for harsh marine operating conditions, are rugged and compact.  Our standard products offer a range of volumes from 50 to 3,000 SCFM and pressures to 3,000 PSIG, but we can also supply other specified capacities, pressures and specifications upon request.

NCA Canada offers a variety of options, features, and customizations for Marine Seismic Air Compressors to suit our customer’s specific project needs. NCA seismic compressors may use different cooling options including air, seawater, or keel cooling systems and can be supplied with diesel or electric drivers. Skid base mounted or containerized enclosures can be delivered upon request.

 NCA also manufactures Offshore Air Compressors used in offshore platforms and rigs.

For additional information please view our Seismic Compressor’s specifications below. Contact our head office to speak with our sales representatives and experts about your requirements or request a quote.

Product Specifications

  • High efficiency multistage reciprocating compressor or compound package (combination of rotary screw and reciprocating booster) designs
  • Volumes from 50 SCFM to 3000 SCFM
  • Pressures from 2000 PSIG to 3000 PSIG
  • Heavy duty skid frames and other build configurations based on client’s requirements
  • Marine diesel engines or electric motor drive options
  • Belt drive or direct drive options based on compressors selected and package configurations
  • Air-cooled, direct sea water or keel cooled options
  • Heavy duty two stage air intake filter/silencer for compressor and the engine
  • Positive lubrication with receiver pressure for screw compressor and direct drive oil pump for reciprocating compressor
  • High efficiency oil filter
  • Discharge moisture separator
  • Discharge unloading valve for pressure control or ccompressor capacity control through by-pass loop
  • Oil temperature modulating thermostat to ensure correct operating temperature
  • Compressor components selected to withstand harsh marine environments
  • Packages suitable for operation in normal vessel oscillation conditions.
  • Control panel and required safety features
  • Initial fill of synthetic oil for longer life
  • Necessary compressor operating, parts and maintenance manuals as well as Quality Control dossier
  • Standard NCA painting with finish coat industrial enamel to client’s preferred colour
  • Other features on request

Please download our Seismic Solutions Brochure from the download tab for more information.

  • High and low ambient capabilities
  • Remote control and monitoring options
  • Spill containment frames
  • Containerization with CSC re-certification and DNV certified frame options
  • High pressure bottles rack
  • Vibration isolation mounts for the compressor frame
  • Custom paint specification
  • Third party verifications and certifications
  • Other options on request

Please download our Seismic Solutions Brochure for more information

  • Superior NCA designs with high quality components and Quality Assurance
  • NCA continuous variable capacity controls for energy efficiency
  • Best fit to your operating condition
  • Highest energy efficiency and minimum operation costs
  • Reliable performance wherever you need it, in every climate conditions
  • Operator friendly
  • Low maintenance

Marine Seismic Air Compressors