Marine Seismic Survey

Marine Seismic Survey: The First Step in an Offshore Exploration Project

Oil and Gas Exploration drilling in offshore projects costs millions of dollars per day. Therefore, before any drilling activity, a marine seismic survey will be done so that geophysicists can determine the most probable and promising areas to be drilled.

The Offshore Seismic Survey is carried out by a seismic vessel, through the operation of seismic air guns. The arrays of seismic air-guns generate mechanically generated seismic waves and the reflected waves from the underground layers will be sensed by the geophones attached to the long streamers, towed behind the seismic vessel, which can reveal the geophysical characteristics of the ground layers and any possible hydrocarbon reserves to the geophysicists.

marine seismic survey

Seismic Airgun Operation and the Need for High-Pressure Compressed Air

National Compressed Air (NCA) is a reputable and reliable supplier of High-Pressure Seismic Air Compressors, which are considered as the heart of seismic airgun systems.

The seismic airguns operate with compressed air of up to 3,000 PSIG, charged into a two-chamber air gun, and discharged into the water when the air-guns are triggered.

NCA’s High-Pressure Air Compressors are capable of recharging the seismic air-guns rapidly and continuously to enable the air gun arrays to be fired every few seconds, for long periods of several hours, during data acquisition.

NCA Compressors for Marine Seismic Survey

NCA Canada has supported many marine seismic contractors around the world, by designing and supplying the best fit customized air compressor for their seismic vessel and specific operating conditions. This ensures the optimum, reliable operation of such compressors which are installed and used on marine vessels, in tough environmental conditions, demand low failure and low maintenance equipment. 

NCA’s seismic survey compressors are designed and optimized based on solid engineering capabilities and the feedback received from thousands of hours of operation from our customers, who conduct shallow and deep-water surveys.

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