Oil and Gas

Innovative Air and Gas Compressors and Nitrogen Generators for the Oil and Gas Sector

NCA Canada has been serving clients in the Oil and Gas sector with innovative Compressor Systems and Membrane Nitrogen Generators, for over 60 years. We have built our expertise through field experience and expanded our product portfolio over decades of research & development and customer interactions. 

NCA can provide equipment solutions you can count on. From Oil & Gas exploration applications (Land Seismic Drilling and Marine Seismic Exploration) to Oil & Gas Extraction applications (Underbalanced DrillingCoiled TubingProduction Drilling and Well ServicesWorkover and Well Intervention) to Oil & Gas Delivery applications (Pipeline Construction, Pneumatic Pressure Testing, Pipeline and Process Services, Gas Transmission) and many more.

NCA Canada, a Top-Rated Choice for Many Oil and Gas Service Companies

NCA’s Air, Nitrogen, Natural Gas Compressors and Boosters, and Membrane Nitrogen Generators serve as a top-rated choice for many Oil and Gas service companies for various reasons:

Custom Engineered Solutions: With our in-depth knowledge of applications, our technical expertise and modular manufacturing techniques we can provide Custom Engineered Compressor Solutions and packaging options as per our client’s specific needs.

Whether it is our Lightweight Air CompressorsMarine Seismic Compressors, High Pressure Two-Stage Screw CompressorsOffshore Air CompressorsRotary Screw BoostersReciprocating Boosters, Plant Air Compressors or Membrane Nitrogen Generators, we can offer various drive options, volumes and pressures, build configurations such as open frame skid base mounted, sound attenuated enclosures, trailer mounted, containerized units with ISO CSC re-certifications and DNV certification for frame and custom containers.

Also, our sister company NCA Inc. in Alberta offers Standard and Custom-Designed Rubber Track Carriers used in pipeline construction projects.

Conformance to National and International Standards: Many Oil and Gas service companies require their equipment to conform to different national and international standards such as ISO and API for rotary screw and reciprocating compressors and boosters, ASME, US PED and Canadian CRN for pressure vessels, ATEX for hazardous area operations and CE marking for Euro Zone. Whatever the requirements, NCA can offer all these and many more as per client’s needs.

Unparalleled Dependability: Our packages are built through superior engineering, comprehensive manufacturing and stringent quality control processes to offer a product quality you can depend upon. Today, NCA compressors are hard at work in the heat and humidity of deserts, in frigid Canadian Arctic, in moving boats and vessels, and offshore Oil and Gas platforms. Regardless of the destination, you can count on our design excellence and years of experience to deliver maximum equipment reliability.

Low Cost of Ownership: We work with many renowned and reputed companies to select top of the line components for maximum efficiency. Combined with efficient NCA control systems and package designs our equipment operating costs are best optimized for lowest cost of ownership.

Upstream, Midstream or Downstream – NCA Solutions for your Oil and Gas Application!

NCA is a world leader in designing and manufacturing of high-quality Air and Gas Compressor Systems and Membrane Nitrogen Generators for the Oil and Gas Sector.

Check how our value added products can be deployed in your Oil and Gas applications below: