Mineral Exploration Drilling

Air Compressors and Booster Compressors for Mineral Exploration Drilling

Rotary Air Blast (RAB) and Reverse Circulation Drilling (RC) methods are used extensively for root grass explorations, or as part of detailed exploration programs in Mining and Quarrying, due to their high penetration rate and lower cost per meter compared to core drilling. These methods are also used for grade control in a mine under production.

Having the right air compressor system with the required capacity and pressure is critical in RC and RAB Mineral Exploration Drillings to finish any project on time and budget.

National Compressed Air (NCA) has extensive experience in Mining Exploration Drilling applications and offers the optimum compressor or booster systems to its clients based on their drilling project requirements.

Depending on the depth and diameter of drilling, as well as underground water levels, a certain amount of air volume and pressure is needed to actuate the DTH or Reverse Circulation drilling hammers and flush the holes efficiently. Any under-designed compressor system would result in a low penetration rate and poor flushing which would affect the quality of samples, higher drilling costs, and lower life of drilling tools, not to mention limiting the depth that could be achieved. Alternatively, overdesigned compressor systems not only cost more to purchase, but also would consume much more fuel as a result of constantly regulating the airflow and could damage the drilling tools and other rig systems.

NCA helicopter portable primary and booster compressors in action for remote mineral exploration (Reverse Circulation – RC) drilling application.

NCA Solutions for Mine Exploration Drilling

NCA offers a wide range of compressor and booster systems for mining exploration drillings, from low-pressure single-screw compressors (to 250 PSIG, 17 BARG) to medium pressure two-stage screw compressors and screw boosters (to 600 PSIG, 41 BARG) up to high-pressure reciprocating compressors and high pressure booster compressors (for pressures more than 600 PSIG) and wide range of capacities.

NCA also manufactures Lightweight, Heli-Portable Compressors and Helicopter Portable Boosters which enable exploration companies to perform Rotary Air Blast (RAB) and Reverse Circulation (RC) Drilling on remote and limited access sites easily.

In addition, NCA Rubber Tracked Carriers can assist exploration drilling contractors in different ways. Standard dump bed or flatbed tracked carriers are used for material handling and sample transportation to and from the. NCA customized tracked carriers can be equipped with the air compressor and booster systems required for drilling equipment to be easily moved to drilling jobsites with difficult terrains.

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