NCA Solutions for the Utility Sector

National Compressed Air (NCA) has been manufacturing and supplying multiple products for a diverse range of applications in utility sector for decades.

In water supply and distribution applications, NCA air compressors have facilitated water well drilling contractors to efficiently run their DTH hammers to reach the water level below hard rock formations. Additionally, our Rubber Track Carriers contribute to water pipeline construction activities while our air compressors assist in any air-pigging activity required for cleaning or inspections of water pipelines.

In Power Generation and Distribution applications, NCA air compressors have been used for Geothermal Well Drillings and our natural gas boosters are operating in cogeneration plants feeding gas turbines. NCA’s Rubber Tracked Digger Derricks support electric power companies to install electric power poles in difficult terrains and grounds with sensitive vegetation with ease and minimum ground damage.

In Natural Gas Distribution networks, NCA’s Natural Gas Compressor packages help to deliver gas safely and efficiently to remote areas through the distribution pipes.

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