Frontier Series Mobile Air Compressors

Reliable, Energy Efficient, Best Value Mobile Compressor

NCA Canada offers its high pressure, high volume standard portable air compressors under the name Frontiers.

Our new Frontier Series use Tier 4 Final diesel engines and provide pressures of up to 500 PSIG and volumes of up to 1,700 SCFM and provide one of the most competitive and broad range of diesel portable air compressors.

The Frontier Series compressors benefit from a simple design and tough construction which make them the choice for critical projects.

Larger air end rotor design and use of two-stage rotors in some models offers 7 to 15% higher efficiency compared to other similar standard models and designs.

The Frontier Series are fully backed by our warranty for 1 year / 2,000 hour. Airend warranty is extendible to 5 years / 10,000 hours on use of genuine NCA fluids, filters and parts.

Frontier Series, Applications

With easy portability, safe operation and uninterrupted performance, the typical applications for the Frontier Series include but are not limited to:

  • Demolition and Foundation Work
  • General Construction
  • Geotechnical Drilling
  • Geothermal Well Drilling
  • Water Well Drilling
  • Vacuum Excavation
  • Mineral Exploration – Reverse Circulation Drilling
  • Sandblasting
  • High Pressure Feed for Nitrogen Membranes
  • Oil & Gas Production Drilling and Well Services
  • Pipeline Services
Please view below the full specifications, features and options for Frontier Series Mobile Air Compressors. Contact our head office to speak with our sales representatives and experts about your requirements or request a quote.

Product Specifications

NCA ModelNCA F 37/35 D T4 NCA F 48/10 S T4NCA F 33/35 D T4NCA F 21/35 D T4 NCA F 28/14 M T4
Flow Rate (SCFM)1,150/1,3001,7001,150/900750/7001,000/950/780
Discharge Pressure (PSIG)362.5/500145362.5/500350/500115/145/200
Engine ModelDC16-084A / QSX15QSX12QSX12QSX12TAD872VE
Engine Power (HP)650 / 600513513350282
  • Oversized fuel tanks for longer work days
  • Strengthened suction air filters and pre-cleaners for dusty environments
  • Two heavy duty batteries for maximum cranking ability at lower temperatures
  • Suitable for extreme operating conditions of -10°C (-25°C with Cold Weather Pack) to +50°C
  • Large rotor designs offer 7 to 10% higher efficiency than standard rotor design
  • Fully automatic intake air control and step less speed regulator regulates engine speed according to demand for best fuel economy
  • The base frame contains 110% of onboard fluid, preventing leakage and cleaning costs
  • All fluids drain to skid edge at one location for easy disposal
  • Large Antiglare LED Screen packed with technology for user friendly operation, maintenance alerts and efficiency for fuel savings.
  • Alternative Diesel Engines
  • Custom Colors
  • After Cooler Package
  • Cold Weather Package
  • High Ambient Capability
  • Hazardous Area Options – Rig Safe
  • Refinery Package
  • Best Value Package
  • Energy Efficient Designs for Better Fuel Economy
  • Operator & Maintenance Friendly
  • Reliable
  • Fully backed 1 year / 2,000-hour package
  • Built Tough
  • Easy Transportation

Frontier Series Mobile Air Compressors