Land Seismic Drilling

Land Seismic Shot-Hole Drilling for Oil and Gas Exploration

Land Seismic Shot-Hole Drilling is a critical part of Oil and Gas Exploration programs onshore.  The process consists of drilling a series of vertical holes, up to 25-30 m deep, at approximately 180-185 m intervals.  These seismic shot-holes are then loaded with explosives and detonated in a precisely controlled sequence.  Geophones are placed to read the rebound energy from detonations and the collection of this data is processed to interpret the structural formation for presence of Oil and Gas deposits under the earth. 


Lightweight Compressors and Drills for Seismic Drilling Programs

The majority of seismic surveys are conducted in remote locations such as jungles, forests, deserts, mountain tops etc., where access is very limited and transportation of heavy equipment on site is difficult. At National Compressed Air Canada, we understand the challenge faced by our seismic drilling contractors.

With years of field experience and continuous client feedback we have developed a unique range of Man-Portable and Heli-Portable Compressors and Drills. Total NCA packages are being used by many seismic drilling contractors all over the globe for their shot-hole drilling programs using Down-The-Hole (DTH) drilling tools.

Our lightweight and modular Man-Portable and Heli-Portable equipment designs offer ease of transportation using man power or helicopters in the Land Seismic industry, as well as quick and easy setup on site without the need of any special tools.

Low Ground Impact Rubber Track Carriers in Seismic Drilling Programs

To move equipment and personnel on site with minimal environmental impact, NCA low ground pressure rubber track carriers offer a perfect solution. Through tracked carrier product-focused division, NCA Tracked Carriers, we offer a full range of standard Morooka and KATO(IHI) Rubber Track Carriers as well as a number of customized options based on client’s needs.

Explore NCA Solutions for your Seismic Drilling Programs

NCA Canada is a world leader in design and manufacturing of Lightweight, Man-Portable Air Compressors and Heli-Portable Compressors and Drills. Our equipment not only offers ease of transportation and excellent portability, but also offers maximum efficiency, reliability, ease of operation and maintenance.

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