Man-Portable Air Compressors

NCA Man-Portable Air Compressors

National Compressed Air (NCA) is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative Man-Portable Air Compressors. 

Man-Portable or Man-Pac air compressors are a type of Lightweight Compressors designed and manufactured in a way to be lifted and moved using manpower only, when there are no viable means of transportation such as an access road or helicopter approach for example dense forests or underground mines. Man-Pac compressors are manufactured in smaller sizes and in a modular design to be disassembled into light-weight, man-portable pieces and will be assembled at the site after transportation.

Man-Pac air compressors are usually used together with Man-Portable Drills for drilling applications in remote and limited access areas in Seismic Drilling, or Geotechnical Drilling applications.

NCA Man-Pac Air Compressors Specifications

NCA Man-Pac Air Compressors use energy-efficient single-stage oil-flooded screw airends with full range modulation air intake, related safety features, two belt-driven gas or diesel engines.

Each compressor unit is a 4- or 5-piece modular design, with weights of approximately 30 to 100 kg per piece, and is designed for ease of maintenance at the site.

Our Man-Portable Air Compressors cover a range of volumes up to 175 SCFM and pressures up to 150 PSIG for standard models.

Designed by NCA Canada, our Man-Pac Air Compressors are a solution to your challenge of transporting heavy, large size compressors to limited access areas and can be custom designed to meet your specific needs and capacities.

If you are considering a Man-Portable Air Compressor for your project, please review our Models and Specifications below. Contact our head office to speak with our sales representatives and experts about your requirements or request a quote.

Product Specifications

NCA ModelNCA 4-8 BSG-M-5NCA 5-8 BSG-M-5
Volume (SCFM)140 or 125175 or 155
Pressure (SCFM)115 or 150115 or 150
No. of Pieces55
Max Weight per Piece (Kg)100100
Engine 2 x Kohler Command 7402 x Kohler Command 750
Engine Power (HP)2730
For complete specifications and technical data please download the Man-Pac compressor specification sheet from download tab.
  • Light weight modular 4/5 piece man portable configuration
  • Single stage rotary screw air compressor belt driven by two opposite Kohler gas engines
  • Full range modulation air intake for partial loads
  • Compressor and engine intake air filters
  • Unloading Control
  • Compressor oil filter
  • Compressor Safety Features:
    • High Discharge Temperature
    • High Pressure Safety Relief Valve
  • Compressor Controls:
    • Pressure Gauge
    • Temperature Gauge
  • Blow down valve and discharge ball valve
  • All service points positioned for ease of maintenance
  • Alternative Diesel or Gas Engine
  • High Ambient Version (50ºC)
  • Custom Colours
  • After Cooler / Water Separator Package
  • Lightweight Compressors that can be lifted and moved using manpower only
  • The only solution when there are no viable means of transportation such as an access road or helicopter approach

Man-Portable Air Compressors