Lightweight Air Compressors

Lightweight Compressors - Helicopter Or Man Portable

National Compressed Air (NCA) is a world leader in designing and manufacturing Lightweight Air Compressors that are easily transported by helicopter or carried into remote locations.

Our expertise and design flexibility ensure that our customers receive a high-performance lightweight compressor that can operate under extreme conditions or in any location. Whether it’s the jungles of South East Asia, the mountains of South America, or the Canadian Arctic, our designs have been proven effective and reliable by first-hand field experience on every continent.

Applications of NCA Lightweight Air Compressors

NCA Lightweight Air Compressors are designed and built to be handled and moved either by using only manpower or by helicopters to remote areas where access roads are not available, for applications like seismic shot-hole drilling, mineral exploration drilling, underground mining drilling, geotechnical drilling and others.

Depending on the size, capacity and operating conditions, NCA Lightweight Air Compressors are designed and constructed as a one-piece or modular multi-piece equipment that could be lifted and moved as separate pieces and assembled easily on site.

NCA Lightweight Air Compressor Categories

Depending upon your drilling application and site requirements, NCA can offer Man-Portable Air Compressors, Heli-Portable Air Compressors or Heli-Portable Booster Air Compressors.

If you are considering a lightweight air compressor, NCA Canada is recognized as a world leader in this niche. Our range of lightweight air compressors and equipment performance is considered best in the industry. We also design and manufacture Custom Engineered Lightweight Compressor Solutions – we welcome any unique applications!

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