Geothermal Well Drilling

Compressor Systems For Geothermal Well Drilling

National Compressed Air (NCA) supplies compressors used by geothermal drilling contractors.

Geothermal energy is accessed by drilling water or steam wells deep into the earth to tap the underground reservoirs.

Geothermal energy production

The steam or extremely hot water is brought up to the surface, known as a geothermal heat pump, to use for a variety of applications such as space heating, aquaculture, snow melting, and food processing.  Extremely deep wells can be drilled to tap the hot water to drive turbines to generate electricity in geothermal power plants.  With the rising price of energy fuels, geothermal energy is becoming more attractive in some areas of the world.

In a geothermal well, while the softer overburden layers may be drilled by augers, to drill the hard bedrock, DTH hammers are the fastest and most economic way of drilling. Rotary drilling, using tricone bits may also be used in larger diameter wells.

Larger geothermal drill rigs may have onboard PTO compressors while the smaller rigs use mobile air compressors with enough volume and pressure to run the DTH hammers and to flush the hole.

High-pressure rotary screw air compressors and screw booster compressors are employed to drill the deeper holes.

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