Plant Air Supply

NCA Solutions in Plant Air Supply

NCA Ltd., a sister company of NCA Canada in London, Ontario, is a supplier of industrial air compressors and accessories used in Plant Air Systems from renowned manufacturers in the world.

Plant Air System, also known as Service Air System,  is normally a low or medium pressure utility system used in general industrial applications of different sectors and industrial plants such as Oil and Gas refineries, Chemical and Petrochemical plants, General Manufacturing factories, Water and Wastewater Plants, Power Plants and even Snow Making facilities for the following purposes:

  • Power Pneumatic Tools and Hoists
  • Convey Material
  • Drying, Blowing and Cleaning
  • Cooling
  • Purging
  • Agitation and Mixing
  • Nitrogen Generation
  • Others

Plant Air Systems generally use oil-flooded, screw or reciprocating compressors and utilize filtration systems to remove the oil, moisture, and solid particles to a certain level needed for the applications to provide an economic air quality.

Plant Air Systems are not meant to supply high-quality, oil-free air needed in sensitive instruments or applications in the food or pharmaceutical sectors. Instrument Air Supply Systems or Oil-Free Compressed Air Systems shall be utilized when higher quality air is needed.

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