OEM Compressor Airends and Parts

OEM Compressor Airends and Parts

NCA Canada supplies a wide range of OEM air compressor parts, including airends and rebuild kits from major airend manufacturers of the world. 

Performance of any air compressor is directly linked to the condition of their air-end. After many years of operation, the airends may need to be replaced if their capacity or pressure are dropped significantly, especially if they have been rebuilt or repaired previously. 

Replacing a worn-out or damaged airend will result in increased volume and pressure generated by the compressor which in turn increases the performance of any operations in different ways and reduces the operation costs.

In drilling, increased air pressure will result in stronger DTH hammer or pneumatic drifter impacts, which increases the penetration rate and reduces the drilling costs significantly. Also, increasing the air volume means better hole flushing which again will increase the penetration rate and the life of in-hole drilling tools due to less wear.

Ingersoll Rand, GHH Rand, Cubex, Sullair, Sullivan Palatek and Quincy are some of the airend manufacturers we supply their airends and replacement parts.

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