Mining and Quarrying

Compressors For Mining & Quarrying Applications Worldwide

NCA Canada offers a wide range of high-pressure compressors, underground and surface booster compressors for the Mining Industry. Our expertise and design flexibility to custom build solutions provides our customers with high performance equipment that operates under extreme conditions or in any location.

Whether your application is Mineral Exploration or Production and your mine or quarry is Open-Pit or Underground, NCA has a solution to offer.

NCA offers a range of Single-Stage and Two-Stage Rotary Screw Air Compressors, Rotary Screw Boosters and Reciprocating Boosters used in RC (Reverse Circulation) or RAB (Rotary Air Blast) Drilling for exploration of minerals. A wide range of capacities and pressures are offered, suitable for a range of drills, from lightweight, heli-portable rigs used in remote, limited access locations, up to larger sized RC/Rotary drill rigs. 

For Underground Mine Production and infrastructure drilling applications, NCA offers its patent-pending Electrical Screw Booster Compressors as a valuable alternative to reciprocating mine boosters, to improve the productivity, availability, and efficiency of underground booster compressors and DTH drilling.

NCA’s Mobile Compressors are used in mines and quarries for production drilling, whether it is Top-Hammer, Down-the-Hole Hammer, or Rotary drilling.

Also, NCA Inc, a sister company of NCA Canada in Alberta, offers standard dumper and customized Rubber Track Carriers used in various mining applications for material and sample handling, earthmoving, or as the carrier for compressors and boosters.

NCA - A Trusted Name for Compressors in the Mining and Quarrying Sector

NCA Canada has been serving customers and drilling contractors in the mining, mineral exploration and quarrying industries with a range of Mining Air Compressors for over 60 years.

NCA’s association with the mining and mineral exploration industry dates back to early 1960s when its sister company National Drilling Services (NDS) started providing contract drilling services for underground mining operations in Northern Ontario. During this time, NDS was also involved in the manufacturing of specialized drill rigs and the supply of Down-The-Hole (DTH) drilling tools to other drilling contractors in Canada and worldwide. Over time NDS phased out its contract drilling service operations and focused on providing innovative compressed air solutions under National Compressed Air (NCA). Today NCA is recognized as one of the most reputable suppliers of different types of compressors for various applications in the Mining and Quarrying sector.

What Makes NCA Different in the Mining Sector

At NCA, we take pride in providing solutions that meet our client’s specific needs. By combining our extensive knowledge of various compressed air and drilling technologies with our customer’s input on operating conditions, we provide our clients with the compressed air solutions that offer maximum efficiency and reliability for mining applications. With our modular and flexible manufacturing techniques along with a substantial inventory of parts we can meet most non-standard client requests with little or no impact on equipment price.

From damp underground mines to high mountain elevations, from cold arctic conditions to hot, humid conditions, NCA offers design excellence and equipment reliability that has been proven by years of firsthand experience.

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