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Two Stage Screw Compressors

National Compressed Air offers the widest range of high pressure two-stage compressors in the industry. Our expertise and design flexibility provides our customers with high performance compressors that operate under extreme conditions or in any location.



     Design Features:

  • Energy efficient  
  • High Pressure (up to 600 PSIG)
  • High Volume (up to 1800 SCFM)
  • Oil flooded screw compressor
  • Operator friendly
  • Full Range Air Intake Modulation
  • Engine Speed Modulation
  • Maximum power to weight ratios


      Design Options:

  • Containerization
  • Alternative diesel engines
  • Modular designs for helicopter lift
  • Trailer-high speed tandem or wagon style
  • Fuel Tank
  • Electric, Hydraulic or PTO Drive
  • After cooler Package
  • Hazardous area options-Rig Safe, Zone 2, Class 1/Division 1 or Division 2

Reliable equipment for any location! Please contact us for any of your standard or custom requirements.