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Rotary Screw Boosters

Explore your resources at greater depths and boost your productivity with NCA rotary screw boosters. They are the end product of a long term development program involving years of work experience, testing and improvement.


     Design Features    

  • Electric or diesel drive
  • Rugged Skid or trailer-mounted design
  • Low discharge air temperature
  • Runs with minimum cycling for better hole accuracy
  • No out-of-balance force
  • Flexible design to boost compressed air at various
  • suction inlet pressures    
  • Compact size
  • Environmentally safe - no cooling water required

     Design Options   

  • Electrical Options
  • Auxillary lighting
  • Auxillary power source (various voltages)
  • Alarm horn or light
  • Phase protection
  • Ground fault protection
  • Lightweight helicopter portable configuration
  • Trailer version
  • Hazardous area options   (ATEX, Class 1/Div 2)  




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