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National Compressed Air Canada commenced operations in 1962, initially as a distributor of a variety of products related to compressed air and its applications. Over the last 50+ years, the manufacturing and engineering capability of the company has been advanced continuously, and the number of products offered has increased accordingly. In particular, NCA has concentrated on the development of compressor packages and drilling equipment for mining, exploration and process gas.

Our new product development program has evolved from the early observation in the company's development history, that the most successful products are those that address an operating problem or lead to a better way of accomplishing a task. Throughout the company's history we have made it a point of observing our customers working in their operating environment and discussing their challenges and issues with their existing equipment to accomplish the task. The result is been progressive development of our products that address specific shortcomings of existing products or define new way of approaching a task.

All of NCA's new products are the result of extensive collaboration with customers in an operating situation and continuous testing under real operating conditions. This approach has produced reliable and practical products that can enable our customers to operate more efficiently and profitably. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with customers to meet their objectives.