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NCA has a long history of developing compressors, booster compressors and drilling equipment for targeted applications where we observed our clients were having difficulty in completing the drilling task efficiently.  We work with our clients, incorporating their ideas and objectives, to develop equipment that is reliable and provides high productivity.  We test the equipment jointly with our clients to confirm the reliability and productivity and seek continued improvement.  Often, but not always, this equipment has been developed to be compatible with our compressor/booster systems and provide maximum productivity taking into consideration weight mobilization is a major consideration.

In the past NCA has functioned as a drilling contractor where a specific client has requested we operate the equipment that we developed for the requirement.  This gave NCA invaluable experience in solving the day-to-day drilling problems and an understanding of the need for serviceability, reliability and support of any drilling products.


Mineral Exploration

NCA, by working closely with its clients to supply compressor/booster systems for reverse circulation applications, had an opportunity to gain an understanding of the challenges and the nature of the equipment required to complete an RC program successfully.  We have developed our RC products through consultation testing with our major clients.  We offer the following drilling equipment for this application:

  • RC Rotation Heads specifically designed for RC applications
  • RC Hammers
  • RC Drill Pipe and full range of adapter subs
  • NCA 2000 helicopter portable RC drill

Man Portable Drills

  • Modular Packages
  • Designed for ease of transportation
  • Optimum drilling production

Heli-Portable Drill Rigs

  • Single Lift and Modular Lift for all classes of helicopters
  • Optimum Drilling Production for weight
  • Field proven technology

Track Carrier Rigs

  • Low impact for various ground conditions
  • Optional chassis width
  • Optional load capacities
  • Available with or without certified operator cab (ROP's approved)
  • Drill packages available in all sizes of carrier