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Single Stage Screw Compressors

NCA offers a broad selection of single-stage oil flooded screw compressors ranging from 100 SCFM to 3000 SCFM at pressures from 110 to 250 PSIG. NCA Single-Stage compressors are compact enough to be either skid or trailer mounted and are easily serviced in the field. NCA Compressor designs are the result of continuous development programs in co-operation with customers, operating under all types of conditions.

A range of designs are available to ensure maximum reliability under extreme conditions.



Design Features:

  • Compact Size and Lightweight
  • Skid or Trailer Mounted
  • Modular design (optional) for Helicopter Lifting
  • Pressures to 250 PSIG
  • Smooth running and balanced units
  • Oversized anti-friction bearings for maximum efficiency and life
  • Low discharge air temperature 
  • Pressure lubrication of all bearings and gears



Design Options:

  • Containerization
  • Alternative drive options
  • Modular designs for helicopter lift
  • Trailer-high speed tandem or wagon style
  • Fuel Tank
  • Electric, Hydraulic or PTO Drive
  • After cooler Package
  • Hazardous area options-Rig Safe, Zone 2, Class 1/Division 1 or Division 2

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