Rotary Screw Natural Gas Compressors

Screw Natural Gas Compressors by NCA

National Compressed Air (NCA) is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of Rotary Screw Natural Gas Compressor packages. 

Rotary Screw Gas Compressors are typically used for low and medium pressure applications of up to 600 PSIG and offer maximum operational flexibility, low maintenance, low noise and excellent capacity control.

NCA Canada offers Screw Natural Gas Compressors for a wide range of applications including:

  • Pipeline Transmission
  • Pipeline Evacuation
  • Power Generation (Fuel Gas Compression for Gas Turbines)
  • Gas Gathering
  • Gas Lift and Injection
  • Vapor Recovery
  • Coal Bed Methane 
  • CNG Fuel Stations


NCA also offers Reciprocating Gas Compressors for high pressure ranges up to 5,000 PSIG.

For additional information please view our features and options below. Contact our head office to speak with our sales representatives and experts about your requirements or request a quote.

Product Specifications

  • High efficiency rotary screw air end designs
  • Typical power range of up to 300 HP
  • Typical discharge pressures of up to 500 PSIG (600 PSIG in some applications)
  • Typical suction pressures of up to 150 PSIG
  • Range of volume flow rates based on available suction pressures
  • Sweet or sour gas applications
  • Heavy duty skid frames and other build configurations based on client’s requirements
  • Natural gas, diesel engines or electric motor drive options
  • Air-cooled or water-cooled options
  • Turn valve to adjust the flow capacity
  • Discharge check valve
  • Positive lubrication with receiver pressure and direct drive oil pump
  • High efficiency oil filter
  • Air/oil receiver separator tank, minimum pressure check valve and safety relief valve
  • Double ground separator
  • Discharge moisture separator
  • Compressor capacity control through by-pass loop
  • Oil temperature modulating thermostat to ensure correct operating temperature
  • Class 1, Division 2 electricals
  • PLC based control panels
  • Various standard safety features
  • Synthetic oils for longer life
  • High and Low Ambient Capabilities
  • High H2S, high CO2 and high liquid content applications
  • Suction scrubbers according to site gas conditions
  • Hazardous area options
  • Remote control and monitoring options
  • Spill containment frames
  • Trailer version
  • Containerization and sound attenuating options
  • Custom paint specifications
  • Third party verifications and certifications
  • Superior NCA designs with high quality components and Quality Assurance
  • Large turn ratios for capacity control and energy efficiency
  • Operator friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Best value for money

Rotary Screw Natural Gas Compressors